Flowers 3D by SORA-TAMA Lens

Flowers 3D by SORA-TAMA Lens
I took these photos by using my developing iPhone app and SORA-TAMA lens.
I enjoyed when I use that lens.
Because I could an interesting 3D photos by it.

Shrimp & Goby 3D

Shrimp & Goby 3D
They have a symbiotic relationship.
The goby is a watchman.
And the shrimp is making their tunnel for their house.
I saw the shrimp come into the tunnel by the goby’s movement.

I saw the shrimp come into the tunnel by the goby’s movement.

A nostalgic old toy 3D

Tintin 3D
A nostalgic old toy.
I did not see its original works.
I saw the movie seven years ago.
It was a work of Director Steven Spielberg.
Of course it was a 3D movie.

A hatchling 3D

Breaking through the glass :-p
Look like her top of nose breaking through the glass.
I went to the iZoo’s provincial tour at Sapporo Factory Shopping mall.
iZoo shows a variety of reptiles, snakes and turtles.
iZoo means Izu + Zoo.
Izu is the most famous sightseeing place of Shizuoka prefecture.

Face to face

Rockfish, face to face 3D.
It is called KASAGO in JAPAN.
KASA means an umbrella.
The head of it looks like an umbrella.
But I think it looks like veils or scarves.

Poison 3D

Poison dart frog 3D.
This frog has the poison for protecting itself.
But I heard from my 3D-friend that it does not have a poison because it grew up in under captive, like zoo.
Poison source depends on foods of it.
Anyway this frog has the strange pattern.
I took this photo by using my developing app for iPhone X or Plus.
iPhone X or Plus has dual cam, it is suitable for macro 3D.
I retouched on the glass and the background.